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Welcome to The Urban GreenHouse.  We are Windsor Ontario's best source for all of your indoor gardening and hydroponic needs.  We carry all kinds hydroponic and aquaculture supplies including lights, nutrients, growing mediums, complete systems, grow tents and more.  We also carry all sorts of beneficial supplies for indoor soil gardens and outdoor organic gardens.

Don't be a slave to seasonal shortages, supply and demand, or crappy produce.  GROW YOUR OWN!  It has never been easier and more affordable.

Not sure how to start?  Come check out our in-store displays.  Hydroponic gardening is simple and easy to maintain.  Imagine growing your own tomatoes, lettuce, chilies, lemons or herbs.   


We have everything you need to grow just about whatever you want.  

Bec's Fresh Recipies

Fresh Salsa


Basil Pesto

Dill Potatoes



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